B. Cheshire, UK 1991
Leeds School of Arts, 2010 - 2013
BA (First Degree Hons) Fine Art

Mirror, Gloam Gallery, Sheffield. 2023 (Solo)
Gloam, Two Queens, Leicester. 2023
To Feel All Your Warmth, Warbling Collective, London. 2022
An Expanding Field, Gloam Gallery, Sheffield. 2022
RSA Annual Exhibition (Online), Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh. 2022
Fallow, General Practice, Lincoln. 2021
Air Open, Air Gallery, Altrincham. 2021
Yellow Archangel Perceiving Anomalies, General Practice, Lincoln. 2021
Yellow Archangel, Oceans Apart, Salford. 2020
Depot Art Studios at Old Bank NOMA, Old Bank NOMA, Manchester. 2019
A New Dialogue, Gallery Frank, Littleborough. 2018
Furnished Archipelago, Paradise Works, Salford. 2018
Diptych, Triptych, Polyptych, PS Mirabel, Manchester. 2018
Sexy Boy Unites Salford, After School Club, Manchester. 2017
Small World, PS Mirabel, Manchester. 2017
Satellite, Cass Art, Manchester. 2017
Open Depot (2017), Depot Art Studios, Manchester. 2017
Blend, Local Creation, Altrincham. 2016
Art, Ebor Studio, Littleborough. 2016
GRIT, ARTHOUSE1, London. 2016
Open Depot (2016), Depot Art Studios, Manchester. 2016